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The Institute NICSM

NICSM is one of the premier institutes of education in Gujarat. NICSM is fast emerging as one of the important centers in the area of computer education and research in the northern part of Gujarat. Since its inception in 2001, NICSM has made a tremendous growth. The campus lush with green surroundings, pollution free and serene environment which is ideally suited for academic activity. Located on a 42-acre lush green environment, the architecture and design of the institute captures the imagination of the viewer.

Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal Campus, Kadi – more than 90 years old Kelavani Mandal, has been a constant source of inspiration for the student fraternity. Founder of SVKM, Kadi – Shri Chhaganbha was praised by Father of Nation – Mahatma Gandhi for his contribution towards education and upliftment of rural children for their education. In its remarkable history of the nurturing educational institutes, the SVKM trust has in last couple of years paved a new path by establishing professional and higher educational institute.

We are blessed with dedicated faculty and staff committed to helping students learn, grow and contribute to the communities in which they live and serve. Besides the excellent environmental conditions best suited for the academic studies the campus also possesses certain very precious assets in the form of very knowledgeable and hardworking faculty, excellent and well maintained library, a well maintained computer lab providing access to students and staff, a very spacious and well-equipped conference hall and auditorium, and most importantly and of great significance is the culture of its students who are enthusiastic and goal oriented.

The institute offers a unique blend of theory and practice which help the students to assimilate the subjects thoroughly. The laboratories help in giving the students a chance to implement the theoretical concepts that they have studied in academic. The students are given thorough knowledge about the technological advances with all the practical exposure. All this provides a suitable and favorable environment for imparting quality education to meet the challenges of contemporary industry and ever changing technological demands.

Sports itself is an integral part of campus life along with academics. The institute is committed in creating a caring environment to cultivate education for professional life. The culturally vibrant campus atmosphere reflects the diversity of the student population who come from all over the country. NICSM has a clearly focused mission of producing self-reliant and capable young professionals.

A considerable number of its alumni are occupying position of high responsibility in reputed organizations. Department of Training and Placement, headed by a Professor & assisted by a faculty member, maintains a close liaison with industries and other potential employers for the purpose of arranging practical training for the students and their possible placement through campus selection.

The institute is committed to the idea that the students are equipped with a wide range of professional skills to cater to the very demanding needs of the industry. Under the leadership and vision of the chairman Shri Vallabhbahi M. Patel, the campus has registered a phenomenal progress. Those who aim excellence in technology and corporate world will certainly be allured by the opportunities in this campus.


Interactive AudioVisual Learning (IAVL) is a dynamic branch of computer-assisted instruction that adds the dimensions of sight and sound to programmed learning. The power of audiovisual media to present complex concepts is coupled with the capabilities of a computer to analyze a learner's response to questions and then to direct the flow of information.

The audiovisual class rooms are well equipped with LCD-Multimedia projector, color television, VCR, computers with multimedia kit, projectors and internet, intranet facility. there is a facility of DTH link in order to provide various online educational programs to the students, the institute has audio visual class room and provides e-learning facility though BISAG.

The IAVL format appears to be well accepted by learners and has been shown to be an efficient means of teaching.

Computer Facilities

Gaining access to resources is one significant advantage of attending college. Computer labs, however, are a critical resource that nearly everyone in the student body may utilize at some point during college.

It is the endeavor of institute to provide full time computer facility to the students so that they can cope up with the vibrant trends in IT industry, The institute has 3 computer labs with well equipped infrastructure. The institute is having around 200 high-end configuration with Core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and Graphics Card computers. The Institute provides 1:1 ratio of students and computers. The computer laboratory is well equipped with genuine softwares. The institute has full pack of educational softwares of IBM.

Wi-Fi Campus

Wireless networking is so common that some of its original benefits may have been forgotten. But it's not so long ago that networking computers meant running cables between them, and offices, homes and schools became cluttered messes of blue and yellow cables. Wi-Fi freed networks from these tethers and allowed for roaming network connections. This convenient jump forward isn't without its complications and disadvantages, especially with large-scale networks like those on college campuses.

The institute Campus Wi-fi is based on the Wireless IEEE 802.11n standards. It provides High speed Wi-Fi coverage across the campus, Indoor and outdoor, up to 2Mbps. The Wi-Fi network is Hacking-resistant and provides secure connectivity. It also has integration with Campus E-learning tools.

Seminar Hall

One of the architectural delights of the institute is its Seminar Hall. It has a sitting capacity of 200 and is well equipped with Presentation Tools, Sound Systems, Audio and Video recording systems, Stage & Dias etc. Basic intension behind building and maintaining Seminar Hall is to provide stage to the students during their study. Here they get chance to represent themselves which is need of the field towards which they are progressing.

Institute uses Seminar Hall to arrange Expert Lectures, Paper Presentation and Conferences, In-house Techno-Cultural Events, Expert’s Meetings, Inter-college interactive meetings etc. Students are free to access hall and related resources to arrange inter-class competitions, CSI activities, discussion sessions, internal project submission and project presentations practice etc.


College libraries have a lot to offer students, yet most only head into the library when they have to research a paper or want a quiet place to study come test time.

The role of library is to provide access to the information resources required by members of the NICSM for research learning and teaching. There is a wealth of material to support learning and an research; Many resources are accessible from off-campus via the Internet.

The Institution offers to its student an array of the richest computerized central library facilities. There are about 11000 books and titles of well-known national and foreign publications. Library has live subscription of 31 national and international journals. 18 national and international magazines and more than 1000 CDs and DVDs.

Meeting Room

Institute offers Meeting room equipped with Presentation tools and offers conditioned environment, where Institutional staff and students can arrange meetings and discussions.


The College Canteen is a large spacious area, with a view of greenery all around, and a variety of refreshments and meals available. It tends to be the most popular place on campus, not only for physical refreshment but also for student bonding, discussions and even work on assignments and projects.

Campus runs Food Court offering fresh and hygienic food. Canteen is not just the place where you go to eat. Especially in colleges and institutes of education this place is an open arena for debate, argumentative sessions on different issues, cracking gossips, kidding and having loads of fun with cutlets, burgers, tea, coffee and coke in between as gap fillers. College canteens build up an ambience of rendezvous where you would love to spend all day with pals keeping away all hassles of mundane living.

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