IBM Centre of Excellence
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Objectives of CoE
Global forces are altering the educational landscape as India faces a serious skills shortage in the technology industry. Through the IBM Academic Initiative, IBM is working with colleges and universities across the country to teach students the open-standards skills they’ll need to compete in the ever-changing technology workplace. This initiative offers a wide range of technology education benefits that can be scaled to meet the goals of most educational institutions, ranging from large research universities to local community colleges. What's more, it can provide the resources you need to create more competitive academic programs and more highly skilled students.
The IBM Software Centre of Excellence aims at increasing the skill sets of the faculty and students of your college, leading to:
- Improvement in the quality of technical education
- Increase in the employability of students
- Placing your college in a leadership position
- A Win: Win choice for the College and students
- The IBM Software Centre of Excellence enables you to conduct training for your students through your faculty enabled by IBM.
- Through the IBM Software Centre of Excellence, IBM will give you the software required for the training program free of cost.
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