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Last Blessings

The dawn of the 21st century has ushered in a new era. Global boundaries have constricted, distances have narrowed and nations have developed at an outstanding rate over the past few years. We, at NICSM strive to ensure that the education we impart reflects these developments as well as fights against the challenges they pose and create IT professionals who can match the demands of ever changing technology era. It is our noble aspiration to gear the young generation to meet the challenge of the changes of tomorrow.

NICSM, is one of the leading educational institutions guaranteeing excellence in education to students from Gujarat for more than Ten years. It endeavors to establish unique identity of NICSM by developing high quality technical manpower contributing towards economic and social development of the nation at large and the region in particular. With NICSM, learning experience is full of excitement, intensity and competition, all leading to deeper understanding of technology. In its remarkable history of the nurturing educational institutes, the SVKM trust has, in last couple of years, paved a new path by establishing professional and higher educational institutes. It is my pleasure to invite you to an enriching learning experience that translates into a rewarding career opportunity.

NICSM imparting MCA programme under the auspice of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya(KSV) is unique in its own kind and take credit of being the only one in Gujarat that has contributed towards making the opportunity of studying in higher education available to the semi-urban area of North Gujarat. Over the years, the institute has built up an excellent academic infrastructure in the form of a well stocked computerized library, state of the art Computer LABs, Academic Staff College, 24 hours internet facility, Placement Unit etc.

The mission of the NICSM is to develop positive, goal-oriented professionals to impact the marketplace in a dynamic way. Considering the need of providing proper ambience leading to evolve its own work culture and identity, this institute is established as a stand alone institution. This may not be cost effective. However, it is envisioned that this institution must grow to its full potential. In the matter of dynamic of designed changes in curriculum, responsiveness to change in professional practice and reaching out for strong industry institute interaction, such institution needs internal autonomy in the first instance. The trust is committed to provide full support for this purpose.

To conclude, I would express my sentiments for the senior most student of the campus who kept the spirit of Late Shri. Chhaganbha high, who used to chant the proverb “Kar Bhala Hoga Bhala” and are continuously setting higher and higher standard of performance and discipline that he admired.

Late Shri Maneklal M. Patel
Ex-Chairman, Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal, Kadi & Gandhinagar
Ex-President, Kadi Sarva Vishvavidyalaya Gandhinagar

Chairman's Message

The dynamics of today's business and integration of global economies need a unique class of technology leaders. Thus strategic thinking, wealth creating and business acumen to compete, excel and win is amongst the salient competencies required at the middle and senior level. I am sure you are looking for technology leaders, who have proved their mettle in the IT industry and who have a formal IT education from a reputed and accredited Computer Science Institute.

At NICSM, we have developed an environment that ensures rigor, encourages team work and expects excellence. Further, because of our computer application programme with a good number of students and a regular stream of executive development programmes, an atmosphere of varied cultural and corporate exposure prevails on the campus. Such an atmosphere develops in our students a thirst for innovation and a will to excel.

NICSM has emerged as a pioneer in providing excellence in computer science to its students. I would like to share this credit with all my staff members who have contributed immensely to our success. It has been their capability, dedication, diligence and loyalty towards this institution that we stand with our head held high today. NICSM provided friendly, informal vibrant community of learners. They have an opportunity to network; swap ideas think and evolve concepts. In today's competitive environment, full of challenge, we provide learning systems that not only integrates mastery of fundamentals with across domain competencies, but also focuses personal development and growth of our students and teach them to “believe in themselves” first before they go all out building their career.

The programme introduces them to the various stages and levels of expertise involved in the formation and implementation of policies of sustainable development. The Institution incorporates the best features of computer education to equip the students to face the challenges of the radically unpredictable IT environment. It is our benign endeavor to create global technical leaders with all around technical skills to become a treasured asset of the nation. We work closely with our corporate community sharing information and developing a clear understanding of their recruitment needs. We collaborate with industry through internships, projects, industrial visits, empanelling industry professionals as visiting faculty and corporate based curriculum design. This enables us to put forward industry ready recruits to local, national and international corporations.

I take this opportunity to invite your esteem organization to campus for recruitment of our executive graduate students. I am sure these “Change Masters” will be valuable assets of your organizations.

Shri Vallabhbhai M. Patel
Chairman, Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal, Kadi & Gandhinagar
President, Kadi Sarva Vishvavidyalaya Gandhinagar

Director's Message

Dear Esteemed Professional,

I am proud to present the Batch of 2009-12 from S.V. Institute of Computer Studies, Kadi, Serving as bedrock of the dynamic vision of our Founder President Shri Maneklal M. Patel, in extending the presence of this great institution to the North Gujarat in Kadi. NICSM has been taking forward the ethos of excellence under his meticulous guidance.

NICSM has over 10 years experience of providing students across the region with qualification and knowledge to build a career in ever expanding IT industry. The NICSM prepares students for their future contribution to society and industry. It is led by a team of committed faculty members. The NICSM has dedicated to provide globally competent IT Professionals who will be instrumental in the development of society.

At NICSM, we have groomed our students with great care, ensuring that the best available inputs and the latest technology have gone into the process. Our thrust is to provide highest standards of education in Information Technology and enabling our students to achieve professional competence in their chosen fields. We believe in learning by capturing set of experiences and enable one to explore new realms of wisdom. Students at NICSM enjoy enormous and therefore demonstrate a high level of creativity, innovation and a spirit of teamwork. The academic atmosphere in the institute is so conducive that it helps bring out the in every student; this has helped them to develop their personalities and improve their performance which has in turn led NICSM Alumni reach very senior levels in top companies all over the world.

We firmly believe that students are likely clay which can be given desired shape by experienced craftsman in form of the teacher. Our endeavor is to create a pool of talented professionals possessing knowledge, ability and more importantly, the attitude and resilience to deliver both at regional as well as global level.

A balanced academic regimen equips students with professional and personal skills to excel in whichever sector they chose to work for. In addition it enables them to adapt to various challenging situations with ease and confidence. There is no doubt in my mind that they will surpass all expectations when it comes to fulfilling your organizational objectives. The Institute has a track record of industrial interaction and has recently taken up innovative steps to encourage and enrich its interactions so that students are trained in a setting that recognizes the real needs of the field, and use a more practical and applied approach. NICSM broad bases its curriculum continuously to cater the needs of the technological requirements and developments. The institute upgrades its laboratories, machines and workshops, accessories, software, hardware and other infrastructure on regular basis to provide the best facilities to the students, pursuing their studies in the institute. I wish the budding software professionals all success in their quest for the personal as well as national growth.

I warmly welcome you to experience our campus and meet our young professionals, who we believe can be efficient and effective change agents through your esteemed organization. I invite you to explore the opportunities within the NICSM. If you are looking for well-rounded IT professional, we welcome you to visit NICSM to pick-up finely-crafted quality human resource for IT sector, which will impeccably execute your value creation strategies around the globe.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay M. Shah
Narsinhbhai Institute of Computer Studies and Management - Kadi

Head's Message

The greatest achievement of human spirit is to live up to one's opportunities and make the most of one's resources. With our creative and innovative zeal, coupled with dedication and commitment for excellence, we the SVICANs convert the opportunities into business propositions. NICSM is devoted to equip the students with knowledge, skill and attitude that continuously improve the standard of living of individuals, industries and society on par with global standards by providing quality education in engineering and technology.

NICSM edify the students to dream and realize the professional growth in a congenial environment fashioned by versatile faculty and facilities while enlightening them with values and character to attain socio, economical and technological growth at global level.

ICT is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every second. By considering this in mind, the NICSM has maintained its high standards by implementing value added course to keep up with the growing demands of the industry. At NICSM, we nurture our students to face the challenges in the field of ICT in ever changing environment. The know-how thus developed enables your IT professionals to excel in the field of Information and Communication Technology and knowledge oriented sectors.

The faculty forms the nerve of the department. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of effort is given on hands-on training and overall development of the individual's personality. The NICSM is privileged to equip the students to acquire technical expertise in the field of Information Technology, to enhance the social responsibilities of the students' necessary for the successful practice of the profession and to prepare them for the performance needed to navigate among the opportunities abounding in today's world of internet and e-revolution.

NICSM has carved a niche for itself in the cutting edge area of ICT education. We are soaring high to gather heights and aspiring to be one of the leading institutions.

College functions under the affiliation of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, offering specially designed – comprehensive course curriculum for our students. This has given them a better understanding of computing fundamentals and good know-how of leading computing technologies, which will empower them to deliver as per industry demands.

There has been a paradigm shift in the corporate culture and hence we have equipped our students with a global outlook and cross functional expertise. One of the strong points of the learning experience at NICSM is the focused study and industry interaction through workshops and seminars by imminent industry experts and industrial visits during semesters. Regular student and faculty interaction with the giants from the corporate world is helping us in grooming our students into technical leaders.

The rigorous syllabi not only instill, in them, a passion for knowledge but also attempt to teach them how to apply the knowledge to real-life situations through the values of team work and integrity. At NICSM every student finds exhaustive opportunities to participate in and contribute to a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We at NICSM are extremely happy to see the enthusiasm and eagerness shown by the current batch of students in grabbing every opportunity that has come their way. The effects of such involvement are clearly visible in their transformation to future IT professionals. Given the opportunity to be with an organization such as yours, they are sure to excel in their chosen area of endeavor.

We are confident that in every budding IT Professional of NICSM-HiTech corporate India would also find a sensitive human being who brings in a blend of academic rigor that suffused with values, ethics and accountability.

I feel privileged to invite you to participate in the placement process this year as I am confident that your organization will benefit immensely from your choice of graduates at NICSM.

Narsinhbhai Institute of Computer Studies and Management - Kadi
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